The purpose of the SUL-CLEAN tower is to remove/convert hydrogen sulfide compounds in the sulfur produced by claus recovery units.

The industry has used air for degassing for years in various forms and technologies under different names and designs. This configuration is the standard method with air for degassing.

However, the two primary differences follow:

roduction of the air bubbles utilizes a distribution system that increases the number of bubbles by decreasing the size which results in a large increase in the overall surface area.

Also, the tower uses a two-step method for contacting the air with the sulfur. The first stage removes the greater portion of H2S/H2Sx’s, similar to existing designs. This contaminated air is removed from the tower. Then, a second contact section introduces fresh air to act as a polishing section for the sulfur which includes the same air diffusing system that is in the first stage of the tower.

The sulfur flow/level is controlled by a SOS SulTrap designed for this special application. Standard level control devices have at time been an issue,

This two-step process provides that extra line of protection to prevent sulfur with higher than permitted levels of hydrogen sulfide from being transported.